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Valley Family Child Care Association (VFCCA) is a group of professional licensed family home childcare providers in the Alameda county. VFCCA was established in 1976 and is a Non-Profit organization that provides educational opportunities, support, networking, and fellowship for licensed family childcare professionals. The goal of VFCCA is to inform and educate its members to help create and encourage the highest quality of childcare.

The members of VFCCA meet once a month and share current information from licensing, as well as information from our local resource and referral agency. Together, all members are invited to share with the group information from workshops and other classes they have attended.

Our Mission for Parents

For parents looking for care, VFCCA hopes that the association is a one-stop-shop to find quality childcare in your city for your child. VFCCA strives to give you the information you need to find the best caretakers for your infant, toddler, and/ or school-age child. The VFCCA members look forward to helping find you and your child the right care.

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Our Vision for Providers

VFCCA believes in sharing of information which helps all members be professional and confident as providers and business owners. In addition to our monthly meetings, VFCCA provides members with monthly newsletters and access to our roster of highly-experienced VFCCA member-providers. Licensed family child care providers can join us below:

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