• MyChildCare: For finding the information on licensed childcare providers that are currently open including location, health and safety details, ages of children served, capacity, and hours of care.
    Website: https://mychildcare.ca.gov/
  • Hively: Hively is the resource and referral agency for Alameda County and Here is their mission statement: At Hively, we believe that everyone should have the resources and support they need to feel supported, cared for, and able to thrive. We help parents find and pay for quality child care, we provide parent education and support to ensure that children get the best start possible, we provide guidance and training for people interested in building sustainable, high quality child care businesses and we help adults and children through challenging life situations. By providing counseling and other resources, we ensure that children and families throughout Alameda County have the resources they need to thrive:
    Website: https://behively.org/
  • NAFCC: The National Association for Family Child Care’s mission statement is: to support and leverage a nationwide network of providers and partners in expanding and promoting the power of family child care.
    Website: https://www.nafcc.org/